You don’t have to “live” at the gym to be active. Move when you can.

You don’t have to “live” at the gym to be active. Move when and how you can. Do anything to get the heart rate up and those feel-good endorphins flowing through your body. Add in some friends and shake up your routine to build a healthy habit. Memory will improve. Sleep will deepen. Stress will melt away. 


What Being Active Feels Like:

  • Improved outlook on life
  • Restfulness
  • Strength and flexibility


How You Can Be Active

  • Take short wellness breaks while studying. Stretch for five minutes. Jog in place or dance to your favorite song. Set an alarm as a reminder.
  • Take the stairs if able/available.
  • Take a yoga, dance, martial arts, aquatics or other physical fitness class through the Student Recreation Center (SRC).
  • Learn how to Move Your Way with this guide from the Department of Health & Human Services.
  • The Cerebral Palsy Foundation's CPF Challenge video app offers workouts for people of all ability levels.
  • Find a yoga class for students of all ability levels via the Accessible Yoga Network.
  • Visit the Self-Care page for more resources.


UCR Resources

  • Discover the fun that awaits at the Student Recreation Center (SRC). Download the App (iOS or Android) to see schedules, add events to your calendar and get reminders for classes, games, climbing clinics, cooking demos, Outdoor Excursion trips and more.
  • Walk, run or jog with a friend. See the Wellness Map for UCR routes. Join the R'Move program to earn prizes.
  • Use HighlanderLink to connect with active student orgs.
  • Get a checkup at Student Health Services (SHS).
  • Explore UCR and Riverside. Hike through the Botanic Gardens and around Mt. Rubidoux.
  • Promote better health, reduce ergonomic risks and create a positive healthy culture change with Move More for 3 to 4.
  • Come and walk/run with people of all fitness levels with The WELL’s Peanut Butter & Jogging!
  • Participate fully in all aspects of campus life. The Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) ensures that all UCR students with disabilities have equal access to educational programs.


Stop by The WELL to learn about FREE health and wellness activities and discussions presented on Wednesday afternoons.