There is much to celebrate — the big game, getting through finals, nailing the job interview. Sometimes alcohol and other substances are included in the celebration.

It's OK to safely, responsibly and legally indulge, but know your limits. Over-indulging can affect your judgement, leading you to actions that could have negative consequences for yourself and others, including fights, car accidents and alcohol poisoning.


What Being Party Smart Feels Like

  • Clear memories of what you did and with whom
  • Comfort knowing that you and your friends are safe


How You Can Be Party Smart

  • Have a plan before you go out. Know yourself. Set your limit and stick to it.
  • Stay connected with people you trust. Leave no friends behind!
  • If you drink, don’t drive. Always ride with a sober driver.
  • It’s OK to stay sober. Many Highlanders do not use alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Don’t mix substances, including prescription drugs.
  • Visit the Self-Care page for more resources.


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