Being in a healthy relationship requires openness, honesty and respect.

If you choose to be sexually active, remember that you are in charge of your own body and your partner(s) is in charge of theirs. You each have the right to safe, healthy, feel-good sex that is free from coercion, violence or discomfort. You and your partner(s) also have the right to abstain.


What Being Sexually Healthy Feels Like

  • Consensual
  • Decisions that you feel good about
  • Satisfaction knowing that you’ve protected and respected yourself and your partner(s)


How You Can Be Sexually Healthy

  • ALWAYS get consent before and during sexual activity. Only “yes” means YES!
  • Talk honestly with your partner(s) about protection, what you do and don't want, and what feels good.
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) annually. Vaccinate against HPV. Use contraception correctly and consistently.
  • Stay informed and be prepared.
  • Visit the Self-Care page for more resources.


UCR Resources

  • Stop by The WELL for FREE safer sex supplies and to join the conversation.
  • Visit Student Health Services (SHS) for testing and contraception.
  • Attend a Tuesday Talk at the LGBT Resource Center for discussions on relationships, sex and sexuality.
  • Become a Golden ARCHES Peer Educator to share information on wellness topics including sexual health and responsibility, or request a training for your student organization.
  • Help to sustain a culture of consent at UCR by volunteering for the Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) Peer Group or requesting a training for your student organization.
  • If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual assault and/or domestic violence, contact Campus Advocacy Resources & Education (CARE). Services include crisis intervention, safety planning, sorting through emotions, understanding rights and options, and reaching next-step decisions.


Register for SDRC services, schedule quizzes and tests, and more with R'ability.



Stop by The WELL to learn about FREE health and wellness activities and discussions presented on Wednesday afternoons.